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My Background

My Background? Jersey. Went to Rutgers and lucked out to be taught art by Leon Golub. He taught me how to stretch a canvas, which is pretty ironic since he would staple his canvas’s to the wall and paint. No stretchers needed. I also lucked out to learn from Lloyd McNeil. He is mostly known for his Jazz flute but in those days taught figure drawing at R.U. He had the great luck of meeting and palling around with Picasso! Every class I had with him would devolve into his stories of Picasso, with no one caring a bit about figure drawing. Got married as a child (still in love with her) Moved to California and more learning at Cal Arts and Art Center College of Design. Had a daughter (she’s now an adult and

I still love and like her a bunch). Worked in advertising for years until we both realized we were imposters in each others lives. Moved to the Bay Area, was picked up by a gallery and they sold my paintings on a regular basis. I juried in to the Artists Guild San Francisco. They have a contract to show in some iconic parks in the city each weekend. I started selling my work each weekend in Union Square and in front of the DeYoung Art Museum. I am now on the Board of Directors and am out there selling my wares each weekend.

John Petach Art

My Medium

My Inspiration

My Background

My paintbrushes range from tree branches to metro cards. Whether using driveway crack cement as an abstract art medium or maps from my travels as a canvas, the thrill is in the discovery as I create art using materials in unorthodox ways.  Although my work has a conceptual foundation I strive to build upon and enhance that base in an attractive way that conveys the passion and depth I felt creating it.  

John Petach Inspiration

My Inspiration

My Inspiration

My Inspiration

Travel, travel, travel. Trying to put on the shoes of a place. Walking the local neighborhoods and foraging the local markets. Having a neighborhood apartment and imagining living there for the next year! 



Artists Guild of San Francisco
San Francisco, CA - 2012 -  2019

Quiet Life Gallery
Lambertville, NJ - 2010 - 2017

Google Gallery
San Francisco 2015

Taylor Blue
Berkeley, CA - 2014

Arc Gallery
San Francisco, CA - 2014
Market & Sanchez Gallery
San Francisco, CA - 2014
California Bar Association
San Francisco, CA - 2014
Sandra Lee Gallery
San Francisco, CA - 2009
Geyserville Arts Gallery
Geyserville, Sonoma, CA - 2009
Greenberg Studios
San Francisco, CA - 2007, 2008, 2009
Tate & Kennedy
San Francisco, CA- 2006, 2007
Trios Gallery
San Diego, CA- 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009
West Edge Gallery
San Clemente, CA - 2005
San Clemente City Gallery
San Clemente, CA - 2003
Salon Gallery
Dana Point, CA – 1999
Gallery 57
Fullerton, CA - 1991, 1992

Sunnyvale, CA - 2019

Mountain View, CA - 2018
Quiet Life Gallery
Lambertville, NJ – 2010, 2012, 2013, 2015
Vintage Berkeley
Berkeley, CA – 2010
J. Hettinger
Danville, CA - 2009
Tate & Kennedy
San Francisco, CA - 2006, 2007
Greenberg Studios
San Francisco, CA - 2007
West Edge Gallery
San Clemente, CA - 2005
San Clemente, CA - 2004

Art Center College of Design 1983-1984
California Institute of the Arts 1981-1983
Studied under Lou Danziger, John Van Hamersveld
Mason Gross School of the Arts - Rutgers University 1976-1980

Studied under Leon Golub, Lloyd McNeil
B.A. Art
Rutgers University 1976-1980
B.A. Psychology