Fine Art


map.williamsburg  14” x 11”       

gallery wrapped on 1.5” wood box  


Painted on a NYC map using a Wythe Hotel card as paintbrush.


map.sf.27    48” x 36”         

gallery wrapped on 1.5” birch box 

Driving over the Bay Bridge this is my view.


Painted on a San Francisco map using a GG Bridge postcard as paintbrush.


map.dumbo  18” x 24”         

gallery wrapped on 1.5” birch box 

Walked over the Brooklyn Bridge to eat Italian food and get ready for a traditional Korean wedding.


Painted on a NYC map using a subway metro card as paintbrush.


map.girona  14” x 11”        SOLD

gallery wrapped on 1.5” birch box  

The first time I went to Girona was by a mistake. I was returning from Cadaques and flying out of the Girona Airport. Filling the car up with gas I asked the two Spanish speakers in the car if the green gas pump was diesel. They both said si. As we approached the airport the car started to buck as I realized that it hadn’t been diesel! We missed our flight and had a day to spend in Girona before the next flight. I fell in love and it was one my favorite mistakes yet! 


​Painted on a map of Girona using a postcard as paintbrush.

image29  18” x 24”         

gallery wrapped on 1.5” birch box 

The first time we went to Paris, many pre smart phone years ago, we arrived on a late afternoon Saturday. After getting unpacked in our apartment we decided to take a walk. We walked down to the Seine and watched the sunset and the Eiffel Tower sparkle. On our walk to the river we had passed a number of Cafes on Rue Montorgueil and figured we’d get a bite on our way back to the apartment. In our jet lagged, sleep deprived state we could not find Rue Montorgueil! We passed Joe Allens Café American and joked about eating there. As we passed it a second time, I declared that my first meal in Paris would NOT be at an American Restaurant! On our third trip by Joes we were starved and still lost. Our first meal in Paris was at Joe Allens. They fed us and gave us directions home. Whenever we are in Paris we make a pilgrimage to Joe Allens.


Painted on a map of Paris using a Joe Allens Paris card as a paintbrush.


map.washington square park  18” x 24”         

gallery wrapped on 1.5” birch 

The smell of coffee is in the air on a cool Sunday morning in Washington Square Park. The sun tops the Coit Tower hill and shines on the twin spires of St Peter and Paul’s . The church Joe DiMaggio got married in.


Painted on a map of San Francisco using a Hop On Hop Off bus card card as a paintbrush.


map.sf.25   36” x 12” x 1.5"        

gallery wrapped on 1.5” birch box

San Francisco glitters at night like a million jewels reminding me of Oz.  The Bay Bridge shines on the Bay while the new tower’s light show  dance over the city.


Painted on a map of San Francisco using a BART card as a paintbrush.


map.oakland  24” x 18”        

 gallery wrapped on 1.5” birch box

Watching the fog from the sun. Food, food and more great food! A ride down Telegraph to Broadway, Old Town and the Last Chance water front where Jack London had his first drinks.


Painted on a map of Oakland using an Oaklandish card as paintbrush.


map.oakland  24” x 18”         

gallery wrapped on 1.5” birch box 

Where Telegraph and Broadway meet in Oakland sits the iconic Cathedral Building. Flat Iron inspired, it was the first Gothic revival skyscraper west of the Mississippi.


Painted using an Oakland postcard as paintbrush


map.big sur  36” x 48”         

gallery wrapped on 1.5” birch box

Being overwhelmed around each curve, kayak fishing where the Great Whites roam, a bite to eat and a glass of wine on Nepenthe’s patio and finally sleeping under the redwoods to the sound of a rushing creek.


Painted on maps of Big Sur using a a beach stone from there as paintbrush.


map.tulum   14” x 11”         

gallery wrapped on 1.5” birch box

The archeological zones Mayan castle on the Caribbean and the pueblo’s great little markets with the car rim barbecue. A wild mescal night and treated like old friends at Hartwood. A secret revealed


Painted using a peso coin as paintbrush.


map.athens   24” x 18”         

gallery wrapped on 1.5” birch box

The cabbie doppelganger, best moussaka and the moving maze that is the Athens Bazaar, all in the shadow of the Acropolis.


Painted on a map of Athens with a Cabby's card as paintbrush.

image53   24” x 18”         

gallery wrapped on 1.5” birch box

I was guided around Madrid both times I've been there by those two Madrileños, Nicole and Rachael. Fell in love with its tempo, charm and food! They took us to old favorites and hidden cafes that we never would have discovered.


Painted on a map of Madrid using a Madrid metro card as paintbrush.

image56   48” x 12”         

gallery wrapped on 1.5” birch box

Looking over at the city from Jersey always reminds me of a fantasy I have. It's a hot August night about 3:00 in the morning. I'm driving through the Lincoln tunnel in a 1961 Continental convertible, rounding that curve in the tunnel and the lights are whooshing over head and the suspension is just floating to the sounds of the Rolling Stones 'Can't you hear me knocking', that part in the middle of the song where it becomes an instrumental and a sax comes on and there's no other cars and I hit the city and it's jumping.


Painted on a NYC map using a subway metro card as paintbrush.